Horse Mortality

Your horse is a valuable investment. Is your horse protected in case of a death caused by an accident, injury, sickness, or disease? Find out more about our equine mortality and surgical coverage options.

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Horse Farm

Does your homeowner's policy cover you for liabilities that might arise from your horses? See how affordable a horse owner liability policy can be.

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Horse Clubs & Associations

Equine events have a special liability that needs special coverage.  Find out more about coverage for your rodeo, roping, penning, barrel race, saddle club and more.

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Why Buy Farm and Ranch Insurance?

Equestrian properties and small farms have an additional set of exposures that are not likely to be covered under a home insurance policy. This includes both other structures (barns, stalls, etc.) , equipment and liability.

Many of our customers have made significant investments in their residences. We work with them to understand their specific situation & provide for coverages they need. Contact us to review your circumstance and create a custom coverage plan. Learn more here!

Why Buy Equine Mortality Insurance?

Horses can be a very costly and valuable investment. Many Tennessee and Kentucky residents make their living with these wonderful animals. One thing all horse owners have in common is the knowledge that accidents, illness and injury are part of owning and caring for horses.

If a you were to suffer a loss of a horse as a result of a covered accident, injury, illness or disease, or even a theft, would you be protected? Many horse owners, trainers, boarders and instructors leave themselves open to liabilities that are unique to the equine industry.

Don't wait for this to happen to you.  With the affordable premiums offered by Martinek Insurance Services, you really can't afford to be without coverage.



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